Al Freed Starts Factory

Cable Tray

Metal Industory and Cable Tray System

Al Freed Starts Factory

Cable Ladder

Metal Industory and Cable Tray System

Al Freed Starts Factory

Floor Box

Metal Industory and Cable Tray System

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About Company

Established in Riyadh in 24/04/1427H, by well specialized team of engineers, Al Fareed Stars Factory for Metal Industries...
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  1. Cable tray
  2. Cable Ladder
  3. Cable Turnking
  4. Shelter Rack
  5. Floor Box
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  1. King Saud University
  2. Al Imam University
  3. Al Othaim, Khurais Mall
  4. Ministry of Health
  5. Ministry of Agriculture
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Download Al Fareed Stars Factory profile and other documents from here, all documents are available to download...
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Major Client List
  • Ministory of Inrerior
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministory of Health
  • Ministory of Education
  • Ministory of Agriculture
  • Varuious Main Contractors
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Al Fareed Star Factory
Cable tray wiring systems offer significant advantages over conduit pipe and other wiring systems. It is less expensive, more reliable, more adaptable to changing needs and easier to maintain. In addition, its design does not contribute to potential safety problems associated with other wiring systems.

Extensive experience has shown that the initial cost of a cable tray installation (including conductor, material and installation labor costs) may be as much as 60% less than a comparable conduit wiring system. Cable tray systems, including trays, supports, fittings and other materials, are generally much less expensive than conduit wiring systems.
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Cable Tray System
Cable Ladder System
Steel and Junction Boxes
Metal Framing System
Cable Support Accessories
Customers Made Fabrications
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