Why has my organic traffic drop?


You need to determine if your website’s organic traffic has decreased suddenly or gradually over time.

If it happened suddenly

  1. Check if any index tags have been added to your website by chance. This can sometimes happen while website move by developers to survive the test environment and forget to remove it. If left unchecked, they will cause your website to be de-indexed. If you use WordPress, check Settings >> Reading >> Search Engine Visibility. This box should not be ticked.
  2. Check Google Search Console to see if your site has been removed from SERPs due to malware. If Gauge thinks your site may be harmful to users, you may know that this is the case, in general, if your site has been hacked.
  3. Your site may be affected by manual action, although this is unlikely. You can check the manual action report in Google Search Console by going to Security and Manual Steps >> Manual Actions. If you see an issue listed, it may be causing traffic loss to your site. If no problem is listed, you can be assured that it is not a problem.

If it happened slowly

  1. Google may have developed an algorithm update that shows that other sites have gained traffic and rank higher. As Google puts it, “There is nothing wrong with pages that may perform less well in a basic update. They do not violate our webmaster guidelines or the manual, or The algorithm is subject to action, as may occur on pages that violate these guidelines. There is nothing in the basic update that targets specific pages or sites. The changes are about improving the way our system is viewed as a whole. These changes may cause some of the pages that were previously considered better. “The advice here is to analyze the top. What rank sites are doing that you are not?
  2. More likely, the reason is that your competitors are developing more aggressive SEO strategies than you, and they have left your organic exposure behind. In short, they’ve got some rankings that you had before. In this case, it makes sense to thoroughly analyze your competitor’s strategies to understand where you can be better. You can use SEMrush’s Word Gap Tool and Backlink Gap Tool to help you with this.

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