Typepad is a publishing service, but it comes in oldest publishing services, and while using this platform it is very difficult to customize but one can avail these facilities while taking the premium options. This service is owned by EIG (Endurance International Group). Purpose of this platform is to communicate self-ideas and words with world after converting it into site.

Basically, Typepad launched in October 2003 and is based on the moveable type of platform and shares technology with moveable types like templates and APIs. Among other features, one feature to use this platform is support of author mobile blogging and photo albums. This service is available in certain languages and countries around the world. In the United States, it is sold at four different paid subscription levels. This service now used by many big institutions / organizations and media companies for traffic/host their weblogs such as ABC, CBC, BBC, and MSNBC, etc. for maximum earning. You can make different templates and be choosing the correct colors and font can be a tough task if you did not use Typepad and the same facility you can avail through this which you can apply at your blog. Choosing of different colors is the difficult task but if you like a color scheme, click on it, and it will automatically show in the preview of the window. The best feature on Typepad is of closing the comments on the old post.

Features and Benefits of using Medium

  • Automatically closing the comments on old posts
  • Pagination more than just comments
  • More popular latest themes
  • Maintain Reliable Uptime
  • Honor Every Account
  • Support Free Software
  • Hundreds of great website templates
  • Social Sharing
  • Shows up high in Google searches
  • You can start a blog on it instantaneously
  • All the blogs are in one place
  • More themes

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