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Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world and where anyone can ask a question and get answers. Here’s how you can use it to drive traffic to your site, build your authority on topics, and even get some SEO benefits. It was was co-founded in 2009 by AD & CC (Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, both formerly of Facebook. Initially, it was mostly being used by people familiar with the Silicon Valley scene. After a few



Silvrback is a polished blogging platform that was designed with simplicity and easiness in mind. With it, visitors have built a platform that gives a truly simply blogging experience by joining the best elements/basics of other similar platforms such as Svbtle and Medium. It is one of the latest services with advanced structures and premium options. It is easy to use and domain customization is permitted. It comes with a clean and neat border/interface and mainly used for business purposes.



Postach.io is easiest and fattest way to blog and on this platform you can create your own site according to your wishes and desires with new, latest themes and layouts. You just connect a notebook, your machine to Postach.io and then tag notes as published to make them public. You have also option to instead use Dropbox for storing contents in this platform. One can use any Evernote app which means Postach.io blogging is multiple platform which has feature of



Ghost is a fully open source platform for building and running a modern online publication. It is a latest free service. The program has a rich interface that contains plugins similar to WordPress and other features. It works well on mobile devices too. Today Ghost powers an incredible range of websites; from individual bloggers who are just getting started, to large teams of writers and editors at some of the largest organizations in the world. In November 2012 Ghost was