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Blogger is a blog publishing service from Google. It is a website which contained experience of a writer’s or group of writer’s, their observations, opinions, etc. and regularly having images and links to other sites. Single entry or post on such a website is called a blog. Origin of the blog is in the years 1995-2000. Blogging involved a personal weblog in which a person would read journal/diary about their day. From “weblog” came the term “blog.” Not only can



Silvrback is a polished blogging platform that was designed with simplicity and easiness in mind. With it, visitors have built a platform that gives a truly simply blogging experience by joining the best elements/basics of other similar platforms such as Svbtle and Medium. It is one of the latest services with advanced structures and premium options. It is easy to use and domain customization is permitted. It comes with a clean and neat border/interface and mainly used for business purposes.