3 Simple Tools To Automatically Share Your Blog Posts On Social Media

Everyone wants to generate hefty traffic on his blog without spending money and wastage of time. Social media is the best choice for spreading your blog posts in all across the world. It is not a rocket science to share your blog post all around the world; you have to just use some tactics which are mentioned in details below after some discussion about subject matter. You know before using the social media there was an era in which you did not get the traffic on your posts because there was no more knowledge about posting and generating more traffic through social media.

But, in this modern era it is not difficulty to get more traffic because now time has been changed and all famous marketers, bloggers are using the social media tools and profiles i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc for getting visitors, audiences and traffic on your posts/blogs, web pages etc. Being a blogger, you must have social media profiles for sharing your contents, blogging posts and your ideas whatever you want to share for getting traffic. It is necessary for a blogger to choose a relevant and best social media tool for blogging posts. A blogger must have known about the promotion techniques while using the social media profiles and tools because every blog and social media profile works differently.

By using the social media tools you can build trust of your visitors, audiences etc. And, then you have built trust upon your visitors, audiences then you can earn more money within no time. There are following three social media tools by using which you can automatically share your blog posts on social media for getting more traffic, AUTOMATICALLY. Yes, you can share your blog posts automatically by using three mentioned below tools. here are the details of three Simple Tools To Automatically Share Your Blog Posts On Social Media.

  • FEEDBURNER is a tool which provides bloggers the facility of exposing their RSS feed for podcasts, websites and blogs with other available options of sharing. It automatically updates your blog and share link on Twitter with #fb. Feed burner is free and easy to use. The most important benefit of using Feed burner is that it easily integrates with WordPress. By using this tool you can see who is visiting your blog and can collect information of visitor. Further you can judge that how many people subscribe through email. You can syndicate your contents complete through email and maintain brand through the feed you create. It allows you to automatically send email updates from your blogs.
  • SELECTIVE TWEETS allows users to log in Facebook to arrange Twitter account for watching the tweets. After logging in this tool saved tweets comprising the #fb hash tags using Twitter’s flowing. Simply, it is used for the posting of your Tweets on your Facebook account. It is free and simple in use. Just you have to log into your Facebook account by following the selective twitter. Click the Go to App button then a new window will appear. In new window you have to insert your Twitter account username. Then you have to save and window will ask you to allow the application access about your information. Then you can share your tweets on Facebook.
  • IFTTT stand for “if, this, then, that”. This took is used for automatic content posting on several social networks. Function of this took is to collection of your tweets having #fb and then posting the same on your desire social media networks. This is most powerful tool in respect of two aforementioned tools. Nowadays, everyone is using mobile and computer and spend their most time before screen of laptop, computer or mobile phone. Every person has different choice, one love to watch videos, other shows interest to download music and third’s wish to read new articles and like so. By using this tool you can save your precious time and money.

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