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Off-page Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Beginners
Most of your traffic comes to your website from search engines. If your site’s page rank or link popularity is high, it will get a higher ranking in the search results. More visitors click on your website’s link from search results and will visit your site. The SEO technique by which your website’s link popularity can be increased is called Off Page SEO.

Content is the real factor which can drive traffic to your site. But along with it there are popular off page SEO factors that can truly increase your link popularity. Here is an indicative list with off page search engine optimization tips:

Article marketing: Articles are great way to tell your product, service and the subject in which your expertise. Most of the article sites allow you to add your author bio at the end of your article. You can place a link back to your website in that section. Visitors may read about your article. If they feel interested about your business or service, they will click on your backlinks.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are prodigious places to shape your network of friends. They are also good promoting your business. You may offer your URL of website in the profile section or in personal details. You can get ‘fans’, ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ whom you can tell about your business products. When you create on a group with subject on your product and may get like-minded group members.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a growing trend by internet users to bookmark important sites they visit. Digg, Propeller, Mixx, Yahoo! Buzz, Stumble Upon show how to get instant visits by web traffic when you bookmark any exciting web link in these social bookmarking sites. You can place a description of your business site and add a list of tags in your bookmarking. This type of off page SEO strategy requires some precautions. Make sure your URL is unique and never submitted before in a particular bookmarking site. And your news should be exciting, not a spammy news promoting your product directly.

Forum Posting

This is another important off page SEO factor. Forum sites have some general guidelines. If you maintain that, the webmaster of the forum will allow you to add your hyperlinked signature in a signature box. All the forum post and reply to the thread you make, will be followed by your backlinked signature. Hence traffic may come from that link.

Web Directories

Web directories list your website on their specific category. There are free and paid web directories. Free directories like DMoz, HotFrog are good sites where you can list your website. This is a nice way to increase the page rank of your site.

Free Advertising

There are free advertising sites like Craiglist, where you can place free classified ad on your business. Targeted prospects will visit your site everyday through such off page SEO technique.

Link exchange

There are group of sites on web that place each other’s link on their websites. When you submit your links to a link exchange webmaster, he will give you HTML code of another site and that code you have to keep on your site. Like text links, banners are also exchanged in link exchange mode.

Press Release: Press release is a very important off page SEO factor and often ignored by webmasters. Press release has certain target audience who regularly search for important releases. If you are launching new products or services on your website, write a press release for that job. A professionally written press release can always bring quality traffic to your site.

Web log commenting

There are popular blogs or, web logs which have high page ranks. These blogs are frequently visited by thousands of visitors. Post your comments on these web blogs. Be careful about relevance of your comment with the original blog post. Otherwise, your comment may be treated as spam. While submitting your comments, you can place your website link. That can create effective backlinks for you.

Applying all these off page SEO techniques is a time consuming task. Don’t start all these techniques at one time. Choose any 2-3 techniques and continue them. If you build more than 50 backlinks in one day, search engines may treat you as spammer and your website’s page rank may fall. Your SEO strategy should be to build 10-15 backlinks per day. After 3 or 6 months, you may be amazed by the increase in page ranks. If you have patience, you will find out my off page SEO tips as the best way to deliver traffic to your website.

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