Paid Results vs. Organic


Google Search engine results pages are divided into two categories:

  1. Organic results
  2. Paid results

Organic search results

Organic search results (sometimes also known as “natural” results) are natural results based on 100% merit.

You can say, In other words, there is no way to get high rankings in organic search results to Google or other search engines.

Search engines rank organic search results based on hundreds of different ranking factors. But in general, Google considers organic results to be the most relative, reliable, and authoritative website or web pages on the subject.

I have more details on how search engine algorithms work later. But for now, it’s important to keep in mind:

When we talk about “SEO,” we discuss ranking your website high in organic search results.

Paid results

Paid search results are ads that appear above or below organic results.

Paid ads are completely free from organic listings. The Paid Results section has an advertiser’s “ranking” that determines how much a visitor pays for a particular set of search results (known as “pay per click advertising”). Are ready

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