Live Journal

Live Journal a social network, an online public gathering, and a place for self-expression. Attempt to create an environment where you can connect with others, share your ideas, and be yourself. Essential values guide to protect and support that community. It is a blogging platform and social media site from Russia. It is free to use, but premium users will get access to the S2 management and advanced features. You can add others as friends, and their journal entries will appear on your friends’ page since then.

Live Journal gives self-expression and provides tools that you can use to communicate with other in immediate and in creative ways. It gives diversity and welcomes and regard different viewpoints, different values and different ideas. Here people share their life stories, exchange ideas and give advice with each other. Basically, it is online community; you can also say it social network purpose of which is to create an environment where every person can approach to get and discuss their stories, ideas etc. Believe in creativity and encourage you to use the features that Live Journal offers to share the process of creating content with your friends. Gathered community and know that Live Journal thrives because of its loyal users. It gives privacy and makes sure to safeguard your innermost thoughts and provide you with the tools to choose who to share your content with and respect the decisions you make. Strongly believe that spam has no place on the Internet, and will not send you email without your implied or explicit consent.

Features and Benefits of using Live Journal

  • Maintain Reliable Up time
  • Honor Every Account
  • Avoid Unwanted Email
  • Support Free Software
  • Hundreds of great website templates
  • Free Stock Photos and Beautiful Fonts
  • Galleries and Slideshows
  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website Templates
  • Multi-Media
  • Social Sharing
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

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