Link building is crafting a social network so that people will find content to connect to your website. Among many other factors, Google is ranking website according to the link building capacity of any site. However, with time Google and another search engine already figured out methods to find artificial linking methodologies. Yet the genuine and organic links are still in demand.

Link building details

Informatively link-building is a practice in forming a one–way hyperlink of a website that improves the Search engine visibility. Link building is a kind of medium to acquire the potential for attracting the target customer or audience. Some of the links building strategies are:

  • Building helpful tools
  • Email outreach
  • Content marketing
  • Broken link repair
  • Public relations

The main success secret is providing content for link building and anything that is “link-worthy.” However, the link building is improving and advancing over time with upgraded search engine filters, but still, natural link building promotes and exposes your website/business.

How link building works

In history, search engines were using quality content criteria for ranking a web-page. But now Google calculates and look into the number of people linked to that page. Therefore, keeping quality links and maintaining the elite link’s availability is a game-changer for many websites. A useful and practical link should have:

  • Good quality
  • Natural with a quality anchor text
  • Coherent to Site content
  • Helpful

As evident from the name, in simple wordings, link building makes your product/service/business/web-page familiar among different categories. 

How to find a reliable and high-quality link

Bad publicity is also a way to get famous, but in this case, it’s not true. In digital marketing, lousy advertising or linking with a non-reliable resource is a disaster. You might end up your established page within a few days or hours after linking-up with the wrong anchor. On the other hand, a high-quality and reliable link can rank your web page within a few days or months. 

  • PageRank: It’s not official; still search engine prefers links from authoritative pages and ranks your web-page accordingly.
  • DomainRating: Brand name is the most trusted signal for buyers and consumers. Therefore the brand name that you call domain should be well rated.
  • Relevant links: Other than site authority and page authority, the link content must be relevant and coherent with page content.
  • Link placement: there are two ways of placing the link:
  1. Embedded in content
  2. on the page footer

 The position of the link also plays a vital role in SEO. The most valuable placement is “link embedded in the content in a very natural way.”

  • Anchor text:  if you find a keyword placement matching the content link in anchor text at a time, then the game is in your hand. However, make sure not to abuse the keywords as it’s considered spam. 
How to hunt a world-class link

Categorizing the key factors to check for a quality link makes your hunt easy and beneficial.

1: Visual Assets:

Visual assets include:

  • Diagrams
  • Infographics
  • Visual-Oriented content
  • Images

Availability to share and link to specific visual assets makes your website more reachable as a resource.

2: Original Researched Data:

Either written or visual content of the web –page should be reliable and well researched. No one has time to read something that is not authentic for learning purposes. So including surveys and original researched content is an admirable feature.

3: LOOK for “Potential Linkers”:

Choose the links that have common interests and content to share. Ensure to get links from potential linkers and find mutual benefits.

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