Google Ranking Factors – User Interaction

  1. Rank Brain
    According to some, this will help to count how users interact with the search result.
  2. Organic Click-through Rate for a Keyword
    With the help of some appropriate keywords, some pages get more clicks in CTR, which will boost their ranking.
  3. Organic CTR for All Keywords
    This may use for human-based or user interaction. Organic CTR for All Keywords will help for quality score
  4. Bounce Rate
    According to some, the bounce rate and ranking factor may relate. But some SEO agrees that bounce rate doesn’t matter
  5. Direct Traffic
    Google uses Google Chrome to determine how often people visited the site. A site that has a lot of direct traffic may have a lot of ranking. Some studies show that there is a relation between direct traffic and ranking.
  6. Repeat Traffic
    A site that has visitors who visit the site again and again. It may boost the ranking of that site
  7. Pogo sticking
    This is a special kind of bounce. In this, user search different sites to find his/her answer. Pogo sticking will decrease the ranking of a site
  8. The Blocked Sites
    Google doesn’t use this feature, but Panda used this as a quality signal. So Google gets its deviation from this. WE already knew that Google uses Google Chrome for data. So the sites which are bookmark in Chrome may get a boost because of that
  9. Number of Comments
    Sites with many comments are a sign of a good quality site and user interaction, and it may also help with the good ranking
  10. Dwell Time
    Google pays close attention to the dwell time. Google notices how much users spend time on some site coming from Google search. If a person spends a long time, then it is better. So Google monitor how much user stay on some time. Whether he stays for a long time or a short time

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