Google Ranking Factors – Special Google Algorithm Rules

  1. Query Deserves Freshness
    In QDF, Google favors newer pages in some searches. It’s a ranking algorithm by Google
  2. Query Deserves Diversity
    It aims to display the result of some certain queries but in a wider way. Google adds diversity for obscure keywords like Ted and many more
  3. User Browsing History
    If a user visits a website very constantly. It will help the website to boost its SERP
  4. User Search History
    User search history is very important because its search will later influence research results for later searches. For example, if you first search for “review” and then for the “toasters,” then Google will be going to rank toaster review to high their SERP for your searches
  5. The Featured Snippets
    Google prefers featured snippets by looking at the mixture of content length formatting and more.
  6. Geo-Targeting
    If a site uses local IP and country domain, this would be more useful to the site and easier to Google
  7. Safe Search
    If you put the safe search mood on, then the search result from swearing words and grown-up content doesn’t appear on your search because of the safe search
  8. Google+ Circles
    This feature of Google will be over soon, but Google still uses this.
  9. “YMYL” Keywords
    YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life.” Google uses high-quality content for these types of keywords.
  10. DMCA Complaints
    Pages with legal DMCA complaints Google always downranked and avoided these complaints.
  11. Domain Diversity
    Domain diversity is an important factor by SEO to rank in Google SERP. The bigfoot update had added more domains to each SERP page
  12. Transactional Searches
    In this, there will be different results for shopping-related keywords
  13. Local Searches
    For local searches, Google only organizes local results above the normal organic SERP
  14. Top Stories box
    Certain target keywords trigger the top stories, box
  15. Big Brand Preference
    Google gave preference to the big brand. Google gave favor these brands for their particular keywords
  16. Shopping Results
    Google shows showing results in the organic SERP to increase the ranking
  17. Image Results
    Sometimes, Google images appear in a normal search result
  18. Easter egg Results
    In Google, there are some words that when you type on Google search. It will transform into something cool. These are Google Easter eggs. For example, if you type “Atari Breakout” in Google search. It will turn into a playable game
  19. Single Site Results for Brands
    Keywords that are brand determined have the various results from the same site
  20. Payday Loans Update
    This update specially designed to investigate spam queries

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