Google Ranking Factors – Site Level Factors

  1. Content Provides Value and Unique Insights
    Google has recently stated that sites that don’t bring anything new to the market. Google is happy to discipline them.
  2. Contact Us Page
    According to Google, pages that have an appropriate amount of correct information are more preferable than the others. It should be noticed that the page information should be matched with who is info.
  3. Domain Trust / Trust Rank
    Sites that are more in demand have a proper amount of contact information. According to SEO, ”trust rank” is also a very important factor.
  4. Site Architecture
    A well-designed website allows Google to thematically set the content
  5. Site Updates
    SEO believes that page updates and new content regularly are very important. But Google has refused to use the ”publishing frequency”
  6. Presence of Sitemap
    Sitemap is a file provided by the website. The sitemap provides help to the SEO to index your page and improve the page visibility. But according to Google, HTML sitemap has not been very helpful with the SEO
  7. Site Uptime
    Site Uptime is very important. Low maintenance and other issues may break the site ranking
  8. Server Location
    This factor will help you to determine that in which region your page has more ranking. It is also helpful for the geo searches
  9. SSL Certificate
    Google has created a very secure, protected signal. Security is the first main goal of Google, and also Google has made HTTPS as a ranking signal. This is used by many because it is safe and protected
  10. Terms of Service and Privacy Pages:
    These two features are very useful to Google because it helps Google to decide whether the website is reliable or not? This feature also helps to improve your site
  11. Duplicate Meta Information On-Site
    If you are site has a Duplicate Meta Information, this may bring down the ranking and also your page visibility
  12. Breadcrumb Navigation
    This will help the users who are using some site to let the user know where he is on the site. It helps the user to go up and down on the site.
  13. Mobile Optimized
    Nowadays, most of the searches are done by mobile. So Google doesn’t approve of that website, which is not mobile-friendly
  14. YouTube
    Because of YouTube popularity, YouTube videos are given more additional inclination by SEO. YouTube ranking has gone up after Google panda, and YouTube is owned by Google
  15. Site Usability
    Site ranking can badly be influenced if a site is not easy to use, and the user cannot understand the site. This can affect site views and the bounce rate.
  16. Use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    According to some, these two features can increase the site ranking and can also help in improving the site indexing by giving more data to Google, But Google has refused these charges by considering all this as myths
  17. User reviews / Site reputation
    Site reputation can be determined by what other sites say about that site? This plays an important role in the Google algorithm. Google also uses online reviews

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