Google Ranking Factors – On-Site Web spam Factors

  1. Panda Penalty
    Pages that have cheap-quality content is more likely to be run by Google Penguin
  2. Links to Bad Neighborhoods
    Connecting with the “bad zone” like pharmacy or payday loan sites may end up with a bad influence on your search visibility.
  3. Redirects
    Redirects is the procedure of sending one URL to another URL. If caught in this process, this may not be nice for the site. Because of that, this may be penalized or de-indexed your site
  4. Popups or “Distracting Ads”
    The official Google Rater Guidelines Document states that the popups and very cheap and irritating ads can be a result of a low-quality site
  5. Interstitial Popups
    If any site shows a full image of interstitial popups, then Google will be penalized that site
  6. Site Over-Optimization
    Over-optimization can get your site free from the penalty; then, it may include keyword stuffing and many more keyword decorations
  7. Gibberish Content
    Gibberish content is helpful for Google to getting rid of produced and auto-generated content
  8. Doorway Pages
    If your page has another page means if your page redirects users to another page, this is called a doorway page. Google doesn’t like doorway page
  9. Ads above the Fold
    Sites that have very less content but have many ads above the fold are penalized for this
  10. Hiding Affiliate Links
    If a site tries too hard to hide its affiliate link. This may result in a penalty
  11. Fred: According to SEO, Fred this update was to target those low-quality content sites that set their revenue first before improving their users
  12. Affiliate Sites
    IT is so obvious that Google is not such a big fan of affiliate sites. According to some, website which is in an affiliate program are placed under an extra inspection
  13. Auto-generated Content
    If Google recognizes that your site has auto-generated content, then Google may penalize or de-indexing your site because Google hates auto-generated content
  14. Excess PageRank Sculpting
    If your site has an excess page ranking sculpting, by no-follow, all outbound links may be a signal of gaming the system. This feature Excess Page Rank Sculpting worked earlier, but it is a dead end now
  15. IP Address Flagged as Spam
    If your IP is marked as spammed, it will hurt all sites connected to that IP address
  16. Meta Tag Spamming
    Stuffing keywords in your meta tags to get an endeavor to game the algorithm may result in a penalty from the Google

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