Google Ranking Factors – Off-Site Web spam Factors

  1. Hacked Site
    If your site can get, then it will down from the Google search. When Google notices that your site is hacked. Google will de-index your site.
  2. Unnatural Influx of Links
    If your site gets a sudden unnatural influx of links. Then it may be a fire sign of phony links.
  3. Penguin Penalty
    Sites with cheap quality content often hit by Panda Penguin and will have less search visibility. Penguin focuses on getting rid of bad links rather than penalizing the whole website
  4. Link Profile with High % of Low-Quality Links
    Most of the links come from black hat SEO in the form of like comment and many more to increase the chances of ranking
  5. Links from Unrelated Websites
    If a site has a lot of links that are unrelated to the website, then the site will end up with a penalty.
  6. Unnatural Links Warning
    Google has sent thousands of messages to determine unnatural links. This will fall increasingly down the site ranking. But most of the time, this doesn’t work
  7. Low-Quality Directory Links
    Low-quality directory links can get the site in the penalty
  8. Widget Links
    This is also known as a blog roll. Google disapproves of those links which automatically generated when the user sets a widget on their website
  9. Links from the Same Class C IP
    If you rite is getting the unnatural links from the same IP address, then it will mean that the links are coming from the blog network
  10. “Poison” Anchor Text
    Poison Anchor Text indicates that the site is either hacked or spam, but never the less this will decrease your ranking
  11. Unnatural Link Spike
    Google will determine whether the link is natural or unnatural. Unnatural links are devalued for site
  12. Links from Articles and Press Releases
    Google has considered these two links Article directories and press releases as a link scheme in many cases
  13. Manual Actions
    It is a way for Google to remove spam websites. There are many types of it, but several are related to black hat links developing
  14. Selling Links
    IF your site gets caught in a selling link, then this will can damage your site visibility
  15. Google Sandbox
    When new sites suddenly get unnatural links, then Google will put these sites in a Google Sandbox. These will limit their visibility but not permanently
  16. Google Dance
    Because of this, Google will know whether the site is trying to get more ranking because Google dance help with fluctuating ranking for temporarily
  17. Disavow Tool
    This tool help with getting rid of the penalty, which is caused by the negative SEO
  18. Reconsideration Request
    If a site sends a reconsideration request to Google. This may help with getting rid of the penalty
  19. Temporary Link Schemes
    Google has, again and again, caught plenty of sites that create and immediately delete spam links, which is also known as “Temporary Scheme Links.”
To shorten this list. There is the most important Google Ranking Factor of 2020 Referring domains.
  • Organic click-through-rate
  • Domain authority
  • Mobile usability
  • Dwell time
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Content quality
  • On-page SEO

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