Google Ranking Factors – Backlink Factors

  1. Linking Domain Age
    Backlinks from the old domain are much more convincing than the latest one.
  2. # of Linking Root Domains
    Referring domain is one of the essential parts of the Google algorithm’s ranking factor. Referring websites are those websites from which other website has two or one backlinks
  3. # Of Links from Separate C-Class IPs
    This link can help you with high ranking. If other site links are linking with you, then according to the link from the Separate C-Class IPs, this can cause ranking
  4. # Of Linking Pages
    Ranking of any page can be good or bad affected by the linking page that has the same domain
  5. Backlink Anchor Text
    Anchor text is the clickable text, which is now in blue color. This text provides correct information than the page. Nowadays it is not that relevant but it can still send a powerful signal when used properly
  6. Alt Tag (for Image Links)
    This provides information about images. If for some reason the user cannot see the image.
  7. Links from .Edu or .Gov. Domains
    Google has stated that Google usually overlooks education links but according to SEO .education and .Gov. has a specific place in the algorithm
  8. Authority of Linking Page
    This is an important factor of ranking from the old days to still now
  9. Authority of Linking Domain
    Authority of the domain plays an important role in link value
  10. Links from the Competitors
    Keywords play an important role. If the links of other pages are ranking at the SERP this may be important to that site
  11. Links from “Expected” Websites
    According to SEO if your site doesn’t link to a demanded website then Google doesn’t trust the site fully
  12. Links from Bad Neighborhoods
    If your site is linked with the so-called neighbor’s site. It may cause some damage to your site
  13. Guest Posts
    Guest posts are still marked as valuable but not like the editorial and a lot of guest posting may get your site in trouble
  14. Links from Ads
    Google says that links from ads should be ignored. Google can recognize link which follow through ads
  15. Homepage Authority
    Homepage authority plays an important role in the website. If your site has a link to homepage authority, this will assist in estimating the site and the link anchor
  16. No follow Links
    This one helps in determining whether the link is natural or not. According to Google that they don’t follow but in some cases they do. This topic is very doubtful
  17. Diversity of Link Types
    If your site has different links coming from varied sources. This may be beneficial than the large link coming from one site. This may be a web spam
  18. “Sponsored” or “UGC” Tags
    This help Google to understand the website better. Links which are sponsored or UGC are treated differently than the normal links. For example follow or no follow
  19. Contextual Links
    Links are considered beneficial when they are found inside the content rather than somewhere else on the page or an empty page
  20. Excessive 301 Redirects to Page
    301 redirects are useful for the SEO. But too many can cause weaker ranking factor
  21. Internal Link Anchor Text
    Internal link anchor which are coming from the content are better than the anchor text coming from outside and this is also act as a relevancy signal
  22. Link Title Attribution
    This link helps to give additional information about the page. But it may be appear as a weaker relevancy signal
  23. Country TLD of Referring Domain
    if your site has a country top level domain link. This can help your site to rank high in that country
  24. Link Location in the Content
    Links which appears at the top of the content carry much more weight than the links which appears on the lower of the content
  25. Link Location on Page
    Link location on the page is very important because links which are inside are text is more strong than the links coming from outside source
  26. A Linking Domain Relevancy
    Links that are familiar with the site and have some similarities are more beneficial than the links which are not at all relevant
  27. Page-Level Relevancy
    If a page has a relevant link. This acts as an important relevancy signal
  28. Keyword in Title
    According to Google, pages that have the keyword in their title are much better than the pages which don’t have the keyword in their title. Google gives extra importance to these
  29. Positive Link Velocity
  30. According to SEO, if the site has a positive link velocity. This link will increase its ranking.
  31. Negative Link Velocity
  32. On the other hand, if the site has a negative link velocity. This will automatically decrease its ranking and popularity
  33. Links from “Hub” Pages
    Hub means top resources If your site has a link from the hub on some topic. This topic will be treated differently than the other
  34. Link from Authority Sites
    Links from the authority sites are much more of value than the links which are from the small and unknown sites
  35. A Linked to as Wikipedia Source
    According to some, getting a link from Wikipedia will help your site to look more trustworthy and good in the eyes of SEO
  36. Co-Occurrences
    This link will help Google to know about your page
  37. Backlink Age
    Old Pages are much stronger than the new ones
  38. Links from Real Sites vs. “Splogs”
    Google usually gives more preference to the links from the real site rather than the fake one. Google uses brand and user interaction to know which one is what
  39. Natural Link Profile
    A Site is going to rank higher when the site has natural links than the sites which use black hat strategies for links
  40. Reciprocal Links
    A reciprocal link is an agreement between two sites to provide a hyperlink to their own site. This link will help the reader to get to the sites faster and easier. According to Google, excessive exchange of links should be avoided
  41. User-Generated Content Links
    User Generated Content are a very much different from the published content by the real owner of the site. Google can easily distinguish them both. According to Google, links from are very much difficult than
  42. Links from 301
    According to some, A Direct links are better than the links from 301. But according to Matt, they both are the same
  43. Usage
    Pages with micro formats have a much higher ranking and this could be a direct link to ranking
  44. Trust Rank of Linking Site
    Trust Rank will help your site with the reputation position. This will help to decide whether is you site is trustworthy or not
  45. The number of Outbound Links on Page
    A page with hundreds of external links is better than several outbound links. Hundreds of External links also can contribute to less ranking
  46. Forum Links
    There are a lot of spammers in the industry. That’s why Google tries to avoid forum link
  47. Word Count of Linking Content
    1000 words are better than the 25 words snippet. This will look more obvious and helpful
  48. Quality of Linking Content
    Quality content is much better than the poor and cheap quality content
  49. Site wide Links
    This link appears on most or all of the pages. Site wide links are contracted to number as a single link

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