Google Chrome SEO Extensions to Get Higher Ranking

Ranking of any page or website plays very important role to get hefty traffic. If your page or website has ranking/traffic then it will be considered good towards the other visitors/audiences. The visitors/audiences always choose and visit the pages, websites which have good ranking/traffic. To get ranking and traffic upon any page or website is a tricky procedure but do not worry if you are new user and want to increase traffic on your website, page then you have to use different Tools and Google Extensions which help to increase the traffic and ranking on your desire page and websites.

By using the different tools and Google Extensions your website or page can be ranking very well within no time and you can get obviously highly-qualified traffic. The reason behind the success of high ranking websites is the use of Google Extensions. It is compulsory for newbies to use the different tools and Google Extensions for generating the high traffic on their websites/pages. The visitors and audiences always attracted by top position sites. Besides inserting keywords and tags in sites body, the use the Google Extensions is now common to get the ranking and huge traffic on sites. By just clicking a mouse button, you can connect a search engine optimization extension and can generate higher traffic on your site. Within no time and spending money it is the best way to generate hefty traffic on your sites and completed tasks every week.

Google Chrome extensions provide special tools to support with digital marketing and increasing ranking. The purpose of using these extensions is to speed up your outreach powers to checking for broken links and collecting different information about the sites. These are following seven Google Chrome SEO Extensions to Get Higher Ranking by using which you can generate great traffic on your sites.

  • Open SEO Stats is a famous Google Extension for users of Google Chrome which is used for collecting the whole information of a site regarding Meta keywords, header tags, meta description, backlinks, page speed, rank, page speed, location, traffic statistics and other things which are necessary for search of any site. You can easily check the whole detail about performance of site and increase ranking higher by using this Google Extension. It shows the traffic stats, cached version, and graph of sites. Open SEO stat is an extension of Google Chrome used for measuring Traffic Rank, Competency, Audience and Real-Time Advertising. It also has access to Referring Domain, Data Structure Page, Social Progress, Cache, Location and much more about website. It is supporting more than 30 languages.
  • WEB RANK SEO is another extension of Google Chrome used to measure ranking of site, graphs of audience, social progress, referring domain, data structure and map page etc. It also do competency and site analysis .You can measure your site progress with it. You can access this option in 1 SINGLE click. If you want that you have more traffic on your site, simply you just have to click on it and it will tell you, your site’s error and you can fix them easily. In this way your site will be more progressive, that is why it is known as best extension.
  • SEO META IN 1 CLICK is also an extension of Google Chrome used to make better management of your site and enable it on internet. It shows all META data and related information of site. Web developers, content managers and SEO experts use this extension to control SEO and structure validity of page. It shows us tittle, description, headers, images of site. You can check all META information, links, tags and SEO information only in one single click. Just install the aforementioned extension to your Google Chrome and obtained all information regarding better management of your site, headers, images of site etc.
  • SEO & WEBSITE ANALYSIS is an extension which gives us a detailed report about any site. Internet marketing professionals, web designers, website experts, mobile developers and many other digital professionals can use it for their benefit. When you click on it, it gives you information about traffic estimations, traffic rank, visitors localization, boosting on social sites, mobile related information, URL, WWW resolve, robots, clean URL, TXT, URL rewrite, content, blogs, images, headings, description, all links, all keywords, domains, sizes of every type and much more. You can have all information in 1 click for absolutely free.
  • SEO quake is an extension allows you to access key search engine optimization metrics, SEO audits and much more. It reviews all metrics, give analysis of SERPs and results in CSV format, tell you keyword difficulty, set parameters, check your social sites progress, used default parameters or set custom, give detailed report about all links and much more. SEO quake is easy to install and use. The main purpose of using this extension is to get report about examining the internal and external links of your sites. SEO quake compares the domains and URLs within no time and export all data into one file.
  • Quick SEO is an outstanding, admirable, free plugin to examine search engine optimization metrics like social data, traffic, page rank and backlinks etc. It allows and permits you to know about whether a link is DoFollow or NoFollow and how important it is because you are free to create your own high authority site by just using the associated link. It is very powerful and useful tool for professional of internet marketing, web designers, webs usability experts and other professional relating to the internet. It provides very exhaustive report about search engine optimization.
  • Meta SEO Inspector is a tool which can be used easily for obtaining information regarding site, social media meta data and other information which will impact your online presence. This Google Extension is used for security of your site and for getting the hefty traffic after generating the links to the relevant sites. The extension is mostly used by the web developers to verity the HTML of their sites following the guidelines of Webmaster’s Google guidelines. If you want to keep your site secure then you have to install aforementioned extension in your Google Chrome.

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