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9 SEO Best Practices In 2021 – Write Title and Meta Description

Your page title tag and meta description are two of the most important meta tags on your page. Cover the title tags first. Title tags Title tags are click headlines that appear in search results and are highly critical from an SEO point of view. According to Google: “Headings are important to give users a quick insight into the content of a result and why it is relevant to their query. Often this basic piece of information is used to

9 SEO Best Practices in 2021 – Align your content for search purposes

Search intent is known as “user intent” is the purpose behind every search query. Satisfying and understanding of search intent is Google’s ultimate priority. All of the pages listed on the first page of Google have passed Google’s Litmus test for search purposes. Top search results are videos and blog posts, not e-commerce pages selling oatmeal cookies. Google understands that the people offering this particular search are looking to learn, not to buy. On the other hand, high search results

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services to White Label SEO Service Providers

With increasing competition, constantly changing algorithms, and search engine rules, search engine optimization (SEO) now needs a lot more skill to handle it. Realizing this fact, many marketing companies such as web developers, PR firms, web hosting companies, etc. All those who used to perform their clients’ SEO processes (along with their special services) themselves now agree that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that has become better for industry experts. Therefore, they shouldered the burden. Removed This has

Google Ranking Factors – Off-Site Web spam Factors

Hacked SiteIf your site can get, then it will down from the Google search. When Google notices that your site is hacked. Google will de-index your site. Unnatural Influx of Links If your site gets a sudden unnatural influx of links. Then it may be a fire sign of phony links. Penguin PenaltySites with cheap quality content often hit by Panda Penguin and will have less search visibility. Penguin focuses on getting rid of bad links rather than penalizing the

Google Ranking Factors – On-Site Web spam Factors

Panda PenaltyPages that have cheap-quality content is more likely to be run by Google Penguin Links to Bad NeighborhoodsConnecting with the “bad zone” like pharmacy or payday loan sites may end up with a bad influence on your search visibility. RedirectsRedirects is the procedure of sending one URL to another URL. If caught in this process, this may not be nice for the site. Because of that, this may be penalized or de-indexed your site Popups or “Distracting Ads”The official

Google Ranking Factors – Brands Signal

Brand Name Anchor TextBrand name anchor text should be unique, powerful, and simple 166. Branded Searches: People search for brands on Google. If your site is branded, then Google only knows that when people visit your site and search for your brand on Google Brand + Keyword Searches: If people search your brand site with its keyword, Google will give you more ranking. Like Backlink Google factors Site Has Facebook Page and Likes: Branded pages also have a Facebook account

Google Ranking Factors – Special Google Algorithm Rules

Query Deserves Freshness In QDF, Google favors newer pages in some searches. It’s a ranking algorithm by Google Query Deserves Diversity It aims to display the result of some certain queries but in a wider way. Google adds diversity for obscure keywords like Ted and many more User Browsing History If a user visits a website very constantly. It will help the website to boost its SERP User Search History User search history is very important because its search will

Google Ranking Factors – User Interaction

Rank BrainAccording to some, this will help to count how users interact with the search result. Organic Click-through Rate for a KeywordWith the help of some appropriate keywords, some pages get more clicks in CTR, which will boost their ranking. Organic CTR for All KeywordsThis may use for human-based or user interaction. Organic CTR for All Keywords will help for quality score Bounce RateAccording to some, the bounce rate and ranking factor may relate. But some SEO agrees that bounce

Google Ranking Factors – Backlink Factors

Linking Domain AgeBacklinks from the old domain are much more convincing than the latest one. # of Linking Root Domains Referring domain is one of the essential parts of the Google algorithm’s ranking factor. Referring websites are those websites from which other website has two or one backlinks # Of Links from Separate C-Class IPsThis link can help you with high ranking. If other site links are linking with you, then according to the link from the Separate C-Class IPs,

Google Ranking Factors – Site Level Factors

Content Provides Value and Unique InsightsGoogle has recently stated that sites that don’t bring anything new to the market. Google is happy to discipline them. Contact Us Page According to Google, pages that have an appropriate amount of correct information are more preferable than the others. It should be noticed that the page information should be matched with who is info. Domain Trust / Trust Rank Sites that are more in demand have a proper amount of contact information. According