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If you have a blog, you know the importance of keeping your blog fresh and engaging your audience. It can be hard to come up with blog posts that won’t bore your visitors and are interesting enough to keep them coming back.

It doesn’t matter if you are blogging or blogging to make money. If visitors are your goal, then here are eight types of blog posts that you can use to keep your blog interesting, promote sharing, And increase followers and encourage comments.

Type 1 – ‘Quick Tips’ blog post.
Quick hints “in the middle” posts are great. They are short and usually between 100 and 250 words. If you have ideas that you would like to share with your readers, but that doesn’t justify a complete blog post, posting quick hints is ideal. The tip should focus on a key part of your niche. For example, “How to Eat Less while Eating” is the perfect ‘quick tip’ for a diet blog.

Type 2 – ‘How to’ blog post
Expanding the blog post with quick hints, let’s look at the ‘how to’ posts. They provide your readers with detailed and very detailed information on how to do specific tasks related to your niches, such as step-by-step instructional details or specific examples. You can even split these posts into two- or three-part courses.

For ideas about ‘how’ posts, post a question on niche forums or other related blogs that other people ask how to do specific things. Well-written, detailed, informative ‘how-to’ posts are generally very popular and can help you recognize yourself as an authority in your field.

Type 3 – ‘Review’ blog post
Product or service reviews are especially useful for readers because it helps them make the purchase decision. It is especially beneficial for affiliate marketers. When you review a product and add your affiliate link, you can generate a commission from each sale.

The key to writing a great ‘review’ blog post highlights the major benefits and highlights of the product and mentions the things that can improve the product. It keeps your review balanced and gives your reader a more reasonable view. Your blog visitors will appreciate your sincerity and will be more likely to trust your recommendation.

Type 4 – Resource Blog Post
Some popular blogs use resource lists. Blog readers love lists because they can easily scan information and focus on what they are most interested in reading.

For example, if you write a post on ’10 Ways to Lose Weight Fast’, the resource list will include posts from relevant blogs containing this information. It gives your reader a wider view of the ideas and points available to them.

Doing so will also let you know that readers will see your title as a useful resource for getting as much information as possible on the subject.

Type 5 – Interview Blog Post
People like the interview, especially if it’s with someone they like and appreciate. Try to interview someone in your niche and share the results of the interview with your blog readers. It is also a powerful traffic generator because the person you interview will post the interview on your blog and around the web, which will bring you more traffic back!

Type 6 – ‘Best of’ blog post
It is the end of the year or the end of the season. For example, if you read a lot, you could list the ‘best’ articles, books, or guides you’ve read in the past year. Besides, you can create a post highlighting the most popular blog posts of the year. Whatever your niche, please look at the items, events, or ideas that were the best of the year and make a post around them. It can be a lot of fun, especially for older readers.

Type 7 – Personal Story Blog Post
Everyone likes a personal story. Anyone who follows you or your blog will be interested in a personal event or event related to your niche. Did you attend any seminars? Did you buy a new product? Have you had an error that can exemplify? Writing a blog post on your accomplishments or activities almost always attracts interest and feedback without getting too much personal or over-detailed information.

Type 8 – ‘News’ blog post
There are some items or events related to each odd story. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s happening, then find a news item and write your comments. Not only is it easy to create a quick post, but it also encourages reader feedback. Be sure to link to the post you are referring to with your hint.

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