9 SEO Best Practices In 2021 – Include keywords in your URL

URL structure is one of the most neglected aspects of SEO. A good URL structure gives both users and search engines an idea of ​​what a destination page is.

Google explains it better:

“The URL structure of a site should be as simple as possible. Consider organizing your content so that the URL creates logically and in a more understandable way to humans (whenever possible). If so, readable words instead of long identification numbers. “

With that in mind, here, you can create a well-formed URL.

Use Short URLs: A study by backlinks found that short URLs lead to longer URLs in the SERPs.

Use keyword-rich URLs: You Should always include your target keywords in the URL to increase your chances of better ranking in search results.
Eliminate unnecessary stop words: To make your URL clean and synchronized, consider eliminating stop words.

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