9 SEO Best Practices in 2021 – Align your content for search purposes

Search intent is known as “user intent” is the purpose behind every search query. Satisfying and understanding of search intent is Google’s ultimate priority. All of the pages listed on the first page of Google have passed Google’s Litmus test for search purposes.

Top search results are videos and blog posts, not e-commerce pages selling oatmeal cookies. Google understands that the people offering this particular search are looking to learn, not to buy.

On the other hand, high search results for queries like “Buy Oatmeal Cookies” are e-commerce pages. Because in this case, Google thinks people are in a buying mood. Therefore, high results do not include links to oatmeal cookie recipes.

Because of this, if you want to rank your pages on Google’s Page 1 in 2021, you need to understand the concept of intent search and develop content that is consistent with user intent.

Search intent has four common types

Informative: When a user searches for specific information, the search becomes informational intent. It can be a simple and easy search like “What is the weather like today?” Which provides instant results or something as complex as the “best SEO strategy” that requires in-depth explanation.

Navigational: In the navigational case, the searcher is looking for a specific website or app. Common examples of navigational searches include Amazon, Facebook, and SEMrush.

Commercial: When a user is looking for a specific product but has not yet made a final decision, the search’s intent is commercial. For example, searches like “The Best SEO Tools” and “The Best DSLR Camera” are commercial searches.

Transaction: Here, the intention is to buy. The searcher has already decided to purchase a specific product or device. Examples include searches such as “Buy MacBook Air,” “Buy Nikon D500,” and “Buy Grocery Online.”

The best SEO practice is always to keep search intent in mind when creating content for your website.

For example, if you want to categorize keywords for “best DSLR cameras,” you need to understand that this search’s search intent is commercial, not transactional. 

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